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This site is a family tree of my known American ancestors. It is not meant to be an exhaustive account of each individual named herein, and is restricted merely to the most vital of statistics: births or baptisms, deaths, burials, marriages, and children.  For more detailed information about my ancestors, please visit my companion site, An Inheritance of Ghosts.

You may navigate through this site by clicking on the links in the “Name Index” in the sidebar. Each record contains links for related family members, usually father, mother, spouse, and also the child from whom I am descended. At this point, I provide only a few links to children from whom I am not descended.

If  you are returning to this site, you may want to click on the “Updates” link in the sidebar.  I hope to use this page to document any additions or modifications that might be made to the database.

I encourage you to leave a comment if you have additional information or corrections you would like to share, or any questions about any individual or family mentioned here. First-time messages will be moderated before they are posted. Also be advised that, if you leave a comment, you will first be asked to provide an e-mail address. This address will not be published, but I may use it to contact you directly. If you would like your e-mail address to be published with your comment, please include it in the body of the comment.  If possible, please try to leave your comments at the entry for the individual you are writing about.

Unless you specify differently, I will assume that any e-mail correspondence we engage in can be reproduced and published. So please let me know if you want your correspondence to remain private.

I regret that I am unable to keep up with responding to the numerous comments that have been left by my visitors. Lately, it seems, I have not been able to devote as much time to genealogy pursuits as once I was wont. I do eventually get around to reading all of the comments and I find them helpful and interesting. If I do not respond to your query, I apologize, but it most likely means that I am unable to answer your question, or that to answer would require more time and effort than I have available at this time.

In addition to this site, I also currently maintain three other genealogy sites. At An Inheritance of Ghosts, I have begun assembling biographies of my ancestors and their families.  At Mattocks Family Heritage Resources, I am archiving the notes I have gathered that have helped me assemble my family history. Finally, at The Cooperage, I keep an informal log of my current genealogical research and discuss issues entailed in that research.